PE-HD rescue boats

Oilrecovery or Rescue boat welded in polyethylene

 panther and polytor youtubevideo

polytor 16 pro

Panther P16

Panther P22

Petor is using a method and a material which is outstanding in Rescue and oilrecovery boats. Polyethylene (PE) is the most common polymer material in the world. It is recyclable, chemically stable, nontoxic and environmentally sound. In addition to this, polyethylene is very durable and requires literally no maintenance. Hence it is the perfect material for building Rescue, Life or oilrecovery boats for heavy duty and professional use. Therefore all our boats are welded from water cut sheets. And the hull has a honeycomb like structure which ensures superior structural strength.

Polytor P16 Pro

Based on the extensive experience that we got from building over 30!! Hydrocopters in high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE). The Panther RBB’s have the same excellent seakeeping properties as the RIB’s. Allso with clear advantages by having superior scratch and cut resistance. In addition to these strongpoints, the Panther RBB’s offer a considerable deck area using only half circle pontoons. Building the boats out of PE also enables us to fill the pontoons and the cavities under the deck sole with airbags making the Panther boats literally unsinkable.

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